Will the Best Paint Brand Please Stand Up!

To be honest I do have a favorite paint I love to use, as a matter of fact I have several. I would like to share with you ways to save money and find the best paints to use to get that bang for your buck. The best paints to use on a shoe string budget and what not to put on your walls.

Ok let me start with the high quality paints. I love the Sherwin Williams promar 200 series latex paint. This is a super paint it covers so good it is unbelievable. Now Sherwin Williams have other series, the promar 400 and 700, which are lower quality paints that still can still give you a bang for your buck you may have to work a little harder, but they cover. However the 200 covers dark colors in two coats, when in a lot of cases can take up to three or four coats to cover.

What other paints are good? I love Glidden premium it covers super as well, especially their red paint. And those that know red is one of the hardest colors to cover. I have used other brands and had to put at least 4 coats with a primer. But the Glidden premium red covers so well until it is almost unbelievable. And I say that because most homeowners do not understand the full spectrum of painting. It is more than someone with a roller and brush applying paint. There are all kind of techniques a good painter must know to make the job a smooth transition.

So what I do is I use the best paints from various brands. For example I love using the semi gloss promar 200 from Sherwin Williams for doors and trim, or if money is a little tight I will use the Valspar 4000, instead of the promar 200 they both cover well and touches up well in most home 10 years old or newer.

A lot of homeowners love Behr paints and  they have some excellent paints, as a matter of fact, this is the first paint I started suggesting to homeowners when I started out on my own, however from my experiences, there is no one good brand. All brands make quality paints and low quality paint.

What is the worst paint you ever use? The worst paint I ever use is the valspar cover and go, even the flat covers inferior. And flat is the easiest paint to cover walls and ceiling, every time I use this paint it causes some type problems. It covers like with a choppy looking texture, like a bad touch up paint job. I think they took it off the shelf and re labelled it. Cheap is not always good, if your want an affordable paint the covers well, the Valspar 2000 and 4000. I used the 4000 in rental properties most of the time.

What about Olympic paints? Yes I love the Olympic one paint with the primer. There was a time when this is all I would use. I still use it but for certain colors I use certain brands. Like I said I use the Glidden Paint when it time to paint a room red.

Red is one of the hardest colors to cover walls; however the Glidden is two coat action this is something I know.  It also has primer in it as well; I will say it again this is a super paint. Valspar signature is good as well. I mean I could go on and on. This is a blog , so let me save some for the next postings….

Can I Touch Up My House?

This is a sticky issue. I say this because I am always ask to come in and touch up a home. This is normally done when the home owner or realtors is trying to save money. Really it is cutting corners very close. Touching up a home is not as easy as it may sound.

You have several sheens most people use in their homes, flat, eggshell, satin and semi gloss, and let’s say majority of these home owners use water base/latex paint. Now if you do not have the paint from the original batch of paint you used to paint your home, you will have to get it matched up. I know you know, this is for those that do not.

In most cases you will not get an exact match when trying to match a color and sheen, there are some cases it will come close, however all the years I have been doing this, it is rare. Unless it was a paint that was pre mixed. For example antique white normally come pre mixed. But even with that you have to be careful.

If you paint the house with a Home Depot antique white that is pre mixed you cannot go to Lowes and use the Valspar 2000 antique white and expect good results. What make a painter a professional is he has to know all kinds of techniques to get the job done in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Touching up a home is something I do not recommend unless you keep track of the color palettes and the brand. Now rental properties are sometimes easy to touch up if the manager or owner stick to the same brand and color.

How To Hire A Pro Painter

Hiring a professional painter can be a task. I have heard so many stories about painters or handymen not doing what they get paid to do, or they steal peoples money, and the list goes on. However I have been in the business almost 20 years and I have seen some bad work. I mean bad.

Painting is not an easy profession. A good painter can make it look simple, because a good painter can come in and do a regular size rooms in less than 2 hours depending on the color and texture. The question I always get is why are you not using tape?

I laugh now because there where times I used tape all the time to keep from messing up baseboard and trim. Now I only use tape if I am doing a job and one section is paint and the other is stained wood. But that is not often.

There are some painters whom are handy when it comes to home improvement that can do a lot to make a house look good and stay in good shape. Then are painters whom just paint, some paint and do sheet rock and the list goes on.

A good painter first carry them self in a respectful way, dress apprperatly, have goos customers services skills and so forth. Now it is hard to tell who is who. A painter can look like a hippie and get judge for it, and may be the best painter that ever lived. Then another painter may have on his whites, a van, business cards, insurance. And may not be as good as they look.

I say this to say, you cannot look at someone and tell if they are good or bad. 

The first thing to look for is if the painter is attentive to what you want and is saying. Look to see and hear if this painter is over talking you. In most cases a good painter has a certain amount of knowledge about home improvement.

For example if a home owner has a ceiling that has waters stains, a popcorn ceilings. Now a pro painter would be skeptical about something like this for the simple fact. The popcorn texture may peel, in some case even if you spray the popcorn, it can come down. To be continued!